Rescue says: Kicking the Football Down the Road at the Palace

If a person has a heart attack, or suffers from lung disease, a doctor’s advice can be sought and there are drugs available that can treat these conditions, with varying degrees of success. Sometimes, the treatments are almost as harsh as the disease and a person might still die from these conditions. But: if the medical profession researches the working of the heart and lungs and can then offer advice about healthy diets, not smoking and exercise, and through genetic knowledge identify those people more at risk of heart attacks and lung diseases, perhaps the person could not only be …

Rescue AGM – 29th April 2017

The Rescue AGM was held at the University of Salford on 29th April 2017. Our host, Mike Nevell, followed our usual AGM proceedings with a very engaging talk
“Archaeology North West: Problems and Opportunities in Saving the Past for the Future.”

 We present below a series of Tweets, photo and video from the event for those members and non-members who couldn’t join us, and for those who were they to relive it. Enjoy!

Thanks particularly to Mike Nevell @archaeology_UoS for the use of his slides and for allowing us to video him – below, but also to Tweeters who were in the audience that day – @hanamorel and @SusHeritage.

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The first half hour of Mike’s talk is available below:

Rescue AGM 2017 from Rescue Archaeology on Vimeo.

Mike’s slides are below:

And below are a few Tweets on some of the themes from the AGM – make sure to follow us for much much more!

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