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RESCUE statement on Brexit

RESCUE Members will no doubt be unsurprised to learn that there are zero provisions made for heritage, archaeology or the historic environment in general, within the terms of the UK’s EU Withdrawal Agreement. This may not be as unsurprising as you might think however, as few, if any, of the major international structures that underpin the UK’s heritage legislative infrastructure stem from our membership (or otherwise) of the European Union. Most – such as the 1992 European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage (“Valletta Convention”) or the 2001 European Landscape Convention (“Florence Convention”) – originate from our membership of the Council of Europe, […]

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Notre Dame and the risk to ancient buildings: Rescue write to The Times

Rescue have recently had the following letter published in The Times, on Wednesday April 17th, 2019.

Notre Dame and the risk to ancient buildings

Sir, The terrible scenes are a sobering reminder of the peril faced by historic buildings during renovation works.  Tinder-dry and filled with the dust of centuries, such structures are especially at risk as the events in Paris, Windsor Castle and the Cutty Sark attest. Yet at Notre Dame, hope for restoration is already high. A full survey of the structure exists, which will enable any elements of the fabric now lost to be recreated and replaced.

Here in the […]

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Rescue AGM and Open Meeting on Saturday 13th April 2019

Our annual general meeting will he held in Room 612 at UCL Institute of Archaeology, 31-34 Gordon Square, London at 12 noon on Saturday 13 April, followed by our Open Meeting:

Open Meeting: Metal Detecting, Practice and Policy


A Talk by  Keith Westcott (Institute of Detectorists) and Panel Discussion with

  • Tony Howe (Surrey County Council),
  • Michael Lewis (Portable Antiquities Scheme),
  • Tim Pestell (Norwich Castle Museum),
  • Jude Plouviez (Rescue),
  • Sarah Poppy (Historic England)
All welcome. Free entry.


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Engaging with Policy in the UK: a report from our joint conference with AHRC Heritage

The AHRC Heritage Priority Area and RESCUE: The British Archaeological Trust organised a one day conference on ‘Engaging with Policy in the UK: Responding to Changes in Planning, Heritage and the Arts’ on Saturday the 27th October at UCL’s Institute of Archaeology.  This was one of a series of activities undertaken to draw together academics, civil servants, private and professional bodies, and civil society organisations to address challenges and uncertainty from changing policies.  The aim was to connect researchers, practitioners and policy makers involved in the arts, culture, heritage and the natural/historic environment around key areas of shared concern.

The event […]

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RESCUE says: Proposed changes to ‘Treasure’ rules include some of our policy proposals

The long anticipated new review of the Treasure Act is out for consultation until the end of April 2019.  It covers various aspects of the procedure in the Treasure Act Code of Practice (last updated 2007) to improve delivery speeds. It removes the overlap between Church of England and Treasure laws (in favour of the CoE, not necessarily the best solution although maybe the simplest) in relation to burials in consecrated ground, an anomaly noted for resolution in discussions about the bill in 1996.

As before (in 2002) it suggests extensions to the original Treasure definition, this time to include:

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Rescue statement on respect

Archaeology and heritage are very powerful parts of society, and have a strong influence on people’s identity, values and judgement. There are many contested and disputed areas of archaeology, which RESCUE believes should be openly and transparently discussed and debated. 

RESCUE welcomes these discussions online and occasionally highlights topics that continue to be unresolved and heavily disputed. During these dialogues, it is asked that those posting refrain from harassment, intimidation or threat when these discussions are taking place within our platforms. RESCUE’s policy statements outline what we as a registered charity support and campaign towards.

Any other areas which are discussed […]

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