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Rescue statement on respect

Archaeology and heritage are very powerful parts of society, and have a strong influence on people’s identity, values and judgement. There are many contested and disputed areas of archaeology, which RESCUE believes should be openly and transparently discussed and debated. 

RESCUE welcomes these discussions online and occasionally highlights topics that continue to be unresolved and heavily disputed. During these dialogues, it is asked that those posting refrain from harassment, intimidation or threat when these discussions are taking place within our platforms. RESCUE’s policy statements outline what we as a registered charity support and campaign towards.

Any other areas which are discussed […]

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Stonehenge latest: Have your say by registering on the Infrastructure Planning Inspectorate by the 11th January 2019

Highways England’s application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) for the A303 Stonehenge scheme has been accepted by the Infrastructure Planning Inspectorate. All 300+ of the application documents are up on the Inspectorate’s website (at which also explains the DCO Examination process. Click on a button on their Home page for email updates on the scheme’s progress.

The road widening project includes a short (c.3km) twin-bored tunnel south of the henge, to each side of which there would be new 4-lane highways, largely in deep cuttings and well within the World Heritage Site (WHS). A massive flyover is proposed […]

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Engaging with Policy in the UK: Responding to Changes in Planning, Heritage and the Arts – review of Rescue’s conference

On 27th October over 100 delegates filled the lecture room at the Institute of Archaeology to take part in a day conference hosted jointly by Rescue and the Arts and Humanities Research Council entitled ‘Engaging with Policy in the UK’.

Following a welcome and introduction from the organiser and Rescue secretary Hana Morel, Lord Renfrew delivered a key-note lecture that provided the historical background to the legislative and policy context and outlined the issues and challenges that we face. Not least of these is the risk of loss of heritage protection during the Brexit process, not as a […]

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Celebrating 40 years of campaigning – Rescue Archaeology: Foundations for the Future

Rescue Archaeology - Foundations for the FutureRescue’s latest book was produced to celebrate 40 years of campaigning – Rescue Archaeology: Foundations for the Future. This publication assesses the current frameworks within which archaeology is practised in Britain in 22 chapters written by currently practising archaeologists. This 320 page A5 paperback with colour illustrations is now available at £29 for non-members and £22 for RESCUE members, plus £2.95 postage and packing.

Click here to buy now

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Conference: Engaging with Policy in the UK: Responding to Changes in Planning, Heritage and the Arts

The AHRC Heritage Priority Area and RESCUE: The British Archaeological Trust are organising a one day conference on ‘Engaging with Policy in the UK: Responding to Changes in Planning, Heritage and the Arts’ on Saturday the 27th October at UCL’s Institute of Archaeology. 

This is one of a series of activities we are undertaking to draw together academics, civil servants, private and professional bodies, and civil society organisations to address challenges and uncertainty from changing policies.  We hope to connect researchers, practitioners and policy makers involved in the arts, culture, heritage and the natural/historic environment around key areas of shared concern.

The event is timely.  […]

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Rescue Policy for the future

Rescue Council felt that it would be helpful to put together our policy on key issues relating to archaeology and the historic environment. We hope that this will clarify where we stand and provide a basis for future actions. The document begins with a summary of our commitments, cross-referenced to the relevant sections of the full set of policies.

Pre-Commencement Conditions & obtaining applicant consent: Archaeology

Rescue is offering ideas and comment in the following paper about the impact on archaeology of the changes to pre-commencement planning conditions which come into force in October. We welcome any constructive comments on this.

Pre-Commencement Conditions & obtaining applicant consent: Archaeology


The process of assessing, identifying and removing archaeological remains from a site threatened by development has been an integral part of the planning process since the drafting and adoption of PPG16 in 1990. That these archaeological tasks must largely take place before development commences is clearly an unavoidable fact given the nature of the majority of the archaeological resource and, […]

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Rescue responds to Environmental Principles and Governance consultation

Rescue submitted a response to the government consultation “Environmental Principles and Governance after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union” in which we stressed the need for a clear definition of ‘environment’ which would include the cultural / historic environment and the need for a strong agency able to hold government and others to account once we leave the EU.

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Archaeology and planning case studies: update, extended deadline

** UPDATE 21st August 2018:   The deadline for contributions of planning and archaeology case studies via the survey on the CIfA pages has been extended to 21st September, so please do contribute. If you prefer not to complete the survey, information about individual projects can be sent direct to Jan Wills at the email address below. **

Rescue supports a new project, funded by Historic England and led by CIfA, to gather information about how archaeology is managed in the planning system and to make relevant case studies available online.

The project summary follows – if this seems like something you could […]

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New article on ‘The Irony of Lebanon’s Peacetime Development’

We are all aware of the impacts of war on the hugely significant archaeology of the Middle East, but far less attention is paid to the destructive impacts of peacetime development in a situation where there is inadequate regulation and oversight. In this article for RESCUE, Professor Kevin Butcher of the Department of Classics and Ancient History, University of Warwick and formerly a Professor in the Department of History and Archaeology at the American University of Beirut provides an insight into the current situation in the Lebanon.

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