Scotland’s heritage protection

In a recent meeting of the IfA’s Executive committee it was recognised that ‘the greatest threat to archaeology and the historic environment comes from cuts to local authority historic environment services’ (see The instrumental role of these services in identifying, protecting and mitigating the archaeological implications of development on undesignated assets (that make up 95% of the whole ‘historic environment’) was emphasised as critical.

PPS issues
The IfA argue that, in England, PPS5 sets ‘clear guidance on a local authority’s responsibilities and represents a unique opportunity for significant improvements in practice’. RESCUE remains unconvinced. The continued non-appearance […]

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Heritage Quangos at Risk – a draft list

Update: The planned merger of English Heritage and HLF will not go ahead, the Government has announced.  Further details are available on the DCOMS website.

Rescue has pulled together a list of heritage bodies at risk from the latest cuts proposed by the Coalition government to Quangos.

The list is reproduced, in full, below:

Public Heritage Bodies to Be Abolished […]

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Stonehenge Update (January 2010)

The planning application for a new Stonehenge visitor centre and associated works was considered by Wiltshire Council’s Strategic Planning Committee on Wednesday 20 January.

In summary, the scheme proposals are for closure of the A344/A303 junction at Stonehenge Bottom and greening of the A344 up to the Henge; removal of parking and other facilities from the present location to Airman’s Corner, at the junction of the A344 with the A360 on the western edge of the WHS; retention of a small, partly underground facility for security etc. on the present site; and use of the A344 as a visitor-transit route between […]

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PPS Alert

The Consultation period for a new Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 15: Planning for the Historic Environment ended on the 31st October. Rescue responded, together with an array of institutions with interests in the future  of British Archaeology.

We have tried to collate below as many links as possible to relevant responses. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a link to your response to be added.

These links open in a new window unless otherwise stated.

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Rescue responds to PPS15

PPS 15Rescue have responded to the Consultation paper on a new Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 15: Planning for the Historic Environment.

The Department for Communities and Local Governement says “PPS15 reflects a more modern, integrated approach which defines the historic environment in terms of heritage assets to be conserved in accordance with a set of principles and in proportion to their significance.”

You can read Rescue’s response below.

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Rescue Responds to the Permitted Development Consultation

The Department for Local Government and Communities is current consulting on proposals to improve permitted development. You can find out more, and download the original consultation here:

You can read Rescue’s response below.
Communities & Local Government Improving Permitted Development Consultation Comments by RESCUE: the Briti…
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Rescue responds to the PPS 15 Practice Guide

RESCUE has responded to the PPS 15 Practice Guide, prepared by English Heritage, as a ‘living draft’ giving guidance on the application of the pricniples contained within the new PPS for the Historic Environment.

You can find out more about the Practice Guide on the English Heritage website:

You can read the RESCUE response below.

PPS 15 – Practice Guides: Rescue Comments
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