Whitewash in Coventry?

A recent article in the Coventry Observer has highlighted the disgraceful situation whereby a surreptitious undemocratic decision has been made to paint the undercroft of the medieval guildhall white, ignoring objections from Historic England and outrage from residents.

At least, that is how it is reported. But is this the case? Rescue has been asked to look into this, and has found a situation less clear cut. The Listed Building Consent application for the works sets out a plausible case. The letter from Historic England highlights concerns about the work and recommends using reversible paint, but mentions no overall objections to […]

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Rescue Says: Shocking burglary at Canterbury Archaeological Trust Store

The whole archaeological community and beyond will have been shocked and outraged by the recent ransacking of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust’s stores, and the theft of innumerable and irreplaceable archaeological artefacts. We would urge anyone who might know anything that leads to the safe recovery of any of these items, to immediately report their concerns to the Police. Two things that may be missed in this situation however, are the perennial issue surrounding the national dearth of archaeological archive storage, and the state of the UK antiquities market which allows for material such as has been stolen to be sold […]

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Good News: Threat to Torquay Museum removed

UPDATE  28th February:  We have now heard that the Mayor of Torquay has issued the following statement:

“At the Council meeting held on 8th February 2018 as part of my response to consultation of my Budget Proposals I proposed to maintain the level of grant to Torquay and Brixham Museums in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020. I am happy to report the motion was carried so the funding will remain in place until April 2020”


See below for the information about the threat to cut funding which has now been averted:

Rescue has been made aware of the following message, circulating over the weekend from […]

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Rescue write to Hampshire Cultural Trust concerning threats to jobs

Rescue have recently been alerted by our members to potential job losses, and possibly threats to collections  at Hampshire Cultural Trust.

“New trust takes over Hampshire and Winchester art and museums”. Hampshire Chronicle, November 2014

Hampshire Cultural Trust was formed in 2014 to take over the running of Hampshire County Council and Winchester City Council’s Museum Service. A key aim of the independent charity was to generate additional investment, gain access to additional funding opportunities. reducing dependency on local authority funding.

We have written to both the chief executive director of  Hampshire Cultural Trust and the Director of […]

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Rescue respond to “Raynsford Review” of the planning system in England

Rescue have recently responded to a call for evidence by the Raynsford Review of the planning system in England. Supported by the Town and Country Planning Association, this 18 month programme seeks a holistic appraisal of the kind of planning system the nation will need by 2020.

Unsurprisingly, Rescue considers that heritage needs to be at the heart of this vision.

Read our response below:


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Rescue respond to “The Housing Problem in London: A broken planning system”

Rescue have written in response to the recent White Paper issued by the Housing and Finance Institute – “The Housing Problem in London: a broken planning system” (written by Sir Mark Boleat).

This represented some strong opinions, stating that there was a “bias against development” in the planning process. Sir Mark Boleat also railed against planning conditions:

A second feature of the planning system that creates problems is the imposition of conditions that must be fulfilled, in some case before development can commence. Many of these conditions are necessary and readily accepted by developers. But others are not and […]

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Rescue publish “Fighting Back” version 8

Rescue have published an eighth version of Fighting Back – our  suggestions as to how to campaign to save our museums, archaeological services and the historic environment.

These notes are intended to provide guidance for campaigners seeking to protect and preserve local and regional archaeological and heritage services and museums from cuts which will damage the service they deliver to the profession, to academia and to the public at large.  They are also relevant to campaigns to protect and preserve specific buildings, sites and landscapes from destruction or destructive redevelopment.  They are based on […]

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Rescue AGM: Saturday 29th April 2017


Saturday 29th April 2017 at 12 noon

In Room 109 in the Peel Building at the University of Salford, M5 4WX

To be followed at 2.00 pm by an OPEN MEETING at which Mike Nevell, Head of Archaeology, Centre for Applied Archaeology, Salford University will speak on

Church of St Peter, Chorley Road, Swinton – Salford © Historic England. A Grade II* building currently on the At Risk Register

Archaeology North West: Problems and Opportunities in Saving the Past for the Future.

Admission is FREE to both members […]

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Highways England’s consultation on the A303 at Stonehenge response from RESCUE

Latest news: Highways England’s consultation is now closed. There will be a preferred route announcement in summer 2017 and further consultation on that scheme in late 2017.

Update: 21 leading Stonehenge archaeologists and academics have responded to the consultation, emphasising the damage a short tunnel option would do. Read it here. Other responses, from key organizations, can be seen on the Stonehenge Alliance website here.

Rescue have responded to the recent consultation from Highway’s England on proposed upgrades to the A303 at Stonehenge. Together with Stonehenge Alliance (see their response and […]

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Rescue challenge government over threat to historic environment in Neighbourhood Planning Bill

Rescue has noted with interest the Government’s latest response to concerns raised about the proposed Neighbourhood Planning Bill, provided by Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth following the Second Reading of the Bill on the 17th January.

Once again, the Government has failed to provide any support for their conclusion that the Bill will not unduly restrict the use of pre-commencement conditions by local planning authorities, or damage environmental protection regimes. They claim to seek to reassure the Lords that the way conditions can be used to maintain environmental protections will not change, but if that is the case […]

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