Rescue respond to Welsh planning law consultation

Monmouth’s Medieval Bridge

Rescue has responded to a consultation on proposed changes to planning law in Wales. The proposals include a suggestion that the system of granting consent for changes to Listed Buildings be merged into the general planning permission system. Rescue are concerned that this could reduce the level of protection for Listed Buildings and that this may lead to a loss of specialist Conservation Officers providing advice. the full letter is available below:

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Notice of Rescue AGM Meeting April 21st 2018

Download poster as a pdf.

The AGM and Open Meeting will be on Saturday 21st April 2018, the AGM will start at 12 noon and the Open Meeting at 2.00 pm, ending by 4.00 pm.

This year we are meeting at Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 2BE.

The speaker at the Open Meeting will be Keith Wade, former manager of the Suffolk County Council Archaeological Service. He will talk about:  What next? Forty years of rescue archaeology in Ipswich

Admission to the Open Meeting is FREE to both Rescue members and non-members.

Christchurch Mansion and Wolsey Art Gallery are within the […]

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Whitewash in Coventry?

A recent article in the Coventry Observer has highlighted the disgraceful situation whereby a surreptitious undemocratic decision has been made to paint the undercroft of the medieval guildhall white, ignoring objections from Historic England and outrage from residents.

At least, that is how it is reported. But is this the case? Rescue has been asked to look into this, and has found a situation less clear cut. The Listed Building Consent application for the works sets out a plausible case. The letter from Historic England highlights concerns about the work and recommends using reversible paint, but mentions no overall objections to […]

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Rescue Says: Shocking burglary at Canterbury Archaeological Trust Store

The whole archaeological community and beyond will have been shocked and outraged by the recent ransacking of the Canterbury Archaeological Trust’s stores, and the theft of innumerable and irreplaceable archaeological artefacts. We would urge anyone who might know anything that leads to the safe recovery of any of these items, to immediately report their concerns to the Police. Two things that may be missed in this situation however, are the perennial issue surrounding the national dearth of archaeological archive storage, and the state of the UK antiquities market which allows for material such as has been stolen to be sold […]

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Do museums want to hold specialist collections?

It seems that many local authority museums are less and less interested in the special knowledge that is held within their collections, including of course the archaeological archives which are a key part of the end product of archaeological excavations.

Recently Rescue wrote to Hampshire Cultural Trust, which has managed museums on behalf of Hampshire County Council (to whom Rescue also sent a letter) and Winchester Borough Council since 2014, about whether their current round of redundancies reflected a change of circumstances since the Trust was formed or over-optimism in the initial plans.

It appears that this trust, and doubtless also the […]

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Good News: Threat to Torquay Museum removed

UPDATE  28th February:  We have now heard that the Mayor of Torquay has issued the following statement:

“At the Council meeting held on 8th February 2018 as part of my response to consultation of my Budget Proposals I proposed to maintain the level of grant to Torquay and Brixham Museums in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020. I am happy to report the motion was carried so the funding will remain in place until April 2020”


See below for the information about the threat to cut funding which has now been averted:

Rescue has been made aware of the following message, circulating over the weekend from […]

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Rescue says: Kicking the Football Down the Road at the Palace

If a person has a heart attack, or suffers from lung disease, a doctor’s advice can be sought and there are drugs available that can treat these conditions, with varying degrees of success. Sometimes, the treatments are almost as harsh as the disease and a person might still die from these conditions. But: if the medical profession researches the working of the heart and lungs and can then offer advice about healthy diets, not smoking and exercise, and through genetic knowledge identify those people more at risk of heart attacks and lung diseases, perhaps the person could not only be […]

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Rescue write to English Heritage concerning proposed job cuts

The National Collection – being put at risk by job losses?

Rescue were notified earlier in the month concerning imminent job losses at English Heritage Trust. We wrote to their Chief Executive on 15th November to clarify the situation – our letter is below.

Further information concerning these job losses has now emerged, with 160 jobs “at risk” and 90 job losses being reported:

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Rescue write to Highways England concerning A27 Arundel Bypass consultation

Highways England recently consulted on proposed improvements to the A27 Arundel bypass. Rescue were particularly keen, in our response, to indicate that the suggested “compensation” approach to ancient woodland was not in fact “replacing it” and that, indeed, such loss of woodland would undoubtedly have an adverse impact on the archaeological resource.

Our response is reproduced below.

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Rescue says: No to environmentally damaging planning reform

Following our recent exchange of views with Sir Mark Boleat regarding his recommendations to remove archaeological planning conditions and his denial of developer ‘land-banking’ as published in a report from the Housing and Finance Initiative (cited as a government ‘think tank’), Rescue is pleased to see the Chancellor Phillip Hammond’s apparent rejection of Sir Mark’s potentially environmentally-damaging planning reform proposals in this week’s budget.

We are looking forward to working constructively with the government and others to ensure that archaeology and the other environmental issues he targeted can be incorporated into a successful planning regime.

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