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The case of a rare Roman figurine: disrespect for a nationally important archaeological artwork?


The newly renamed Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (sic) announced on the 24th July, that the Arts Minister John Glen had placed a temporary export bar on a Roman bronze figurine, to provide an opportunity to keep it in the country.1

The figurine is small, but described as “exceptionally rare”; depicting a figure wearing the distinctive birrus Britannicus – a hooded woollen cloak specifically noted as being British in the Edict of Diocletian in 310AD. The press release notes that it is extremely unusual for portable art from this period […]

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Rescue says: Brexit

Rescue Says: The decision to take the UK out of the European Union has significant implications across the entire range of the political spectrum, and Heritage and Archaeological concerns are not immune from these. There are a number of heritage protection principles, policies and practices that are in common usage and that the heritage sector and the general public at large rely on every single day, that are underpinned, or fully reliant upon, a suite of EU legislation, treaties and conventions that the UK has signed and ratified.

The legal status of these provisions once the UK has withdrawn from the […]

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Rescue says: The Lenborough Hoard

RESCUE Says: The Lenborough Hoard

The media have once again whipped themselves into a frenzy regarding buried treasure. The latest example is the Lenborough hoard – a metal detecting rally bonanza consisting of over 5,000 allegedly pristine silver coins dated (so far) to the reigns of Aethelred and Cnut – AD 978-1016 – which according to the press will net the landowner and the finder a cool £1m.

‘The dig’ for the silver coins…from the Buckingham Advertiser

This of course is all we need […]

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