Today and tomorrow are built on yesterday
The past is the foundation for the future
It is all around us and beneath our feet
It belongs to all of us

It is fragile and cannot be replaced.

The landscape and townscape that we know today is the result of many thousands of years of interaction between people and resources. In any period, any activity which disturbs the ground is likely to destroy evidence that has gone before. This means that the archaeological remains which survive are very incomplete.

The scale and pace of destruction today is so great that the need to recover and record archaeological information is more urgent than ever before. Unless we act now our archaeological past will never be understood. RESCUE, the British Archaeological Trust, is a registered charity and an independent organisation committed to the protection, conservation, recording and interpretation of archaeological evidence – often the only evidence – of ALL our pasts.

RESCUE needs YOUR support to:

  • Press government and business to take account of archaeology.
  • Urge adequate funds for excavation and publication.
  • Argue for better legislation to protect archaeology.
  • Publicise archaeological concerns, achievements and problems.
  • Organise conferences and public meetings to raise awareness.
  • Provide technical assistance and advice to local people and groups.

Membership gives you:

  • RESCUE NEWS: full of articles, illustrations and information.
  • Details on the latest excavations and important new finds.
  • Reduced rates on special RESCUE publications.
  • Access to lectures, conferences, activity days.
  • A forum for your ideas, criticisms, suggestions.

The satisfaction of helping to save the past.


Join RESCUE today!

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