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Rescue challenge government over threat to historic environment in Neighbourhood Planning Bill

Rescue has noted with interest the Government’s latest response to concerns raised about the proposed Neighbourhood Planning Bill, provided by Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth following the Second Reading of the Bill on the 17th January.

Once again, the Government has failed to provide any support for their conclusion that the Bill will not unduly restrict the use of pre-commencement conditions by local planning authorities, or damage environmental protection regimes. They claim to seek to reassure the Lords that the way conditions can be used to maintain environmental protections will not change, but if that is the case […]

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Rescue react to short tunnel option at Stonehenge


Highways England has announced a 7-week consultation on widening the A303 with a single 2.9km (1.8mile) tunnel option for the World Heritage Sites (WHS).

The consultation documents can be seen here: https://highwaysengland.citizenspace.com/cip/a303-stonehenge/, and include maps, videos and a questionnaire for public feedback.

An easy-to-use standard response letter can be accessed at http://stonehengealliance.org.uk/act-now/write-to-highways-england/. We urge readers to make their views known before 5 March.

Rescue is a member organisation and strong supporter of the Stonehenge Alliance. The Stonehenge Alliance has been campaigning against the short tunnel scheme since it was announced by the Government […]

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Rescue respond to DCMS’ Museums Review

Rescue have submitted a response to the Government’s “Review of Museums in England”((https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/review-of-museums-in-england)), described thus:

The Museums Review will consider how museums and galleries across England can thrive and become even more inclusive. The Review will look at how the sector operates, the challenges it faces and the role of government-sponsored museums.

Rescue have highlighted the crisis over the storage of archaeological archives, as well as threats to professional curatorial expertise evident right across the sector, as well as the ongoing funding pressures and the deleterious effects this is having on the aspiration of museums to make heritage accessible to […]

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Improving the use of planning conditions: Rescue respond

As part of consultation on the Neighbourhood Planning Bill, the Dept for Communities and Local Government recently consulted on measures to address what they termed “the inappropriate use of pre-commencement planning conditions”((https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/improving-the-use-of-planning-conditions)).

Rescue believes that these proposals should be completely reconsidered, as they might well lead to conflicts with national and international environmental policies.

The Government has provided little evidence that such precommencement conditions are “unnecessary and unreasonable”. In heritage terms, local authority archaeological advisors remain in the best position to take balanced and reasonable decisions,  that are clearly of benefit to the historic environment and in compliance with national […]

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Rescue respond to the “Historic Environment Forum” heritage reform proposals

The Historic Environment Forum (HEF) ((http://www.theheritagealliance.org.uk/historic-environment-forum/)), convened by the Heritage Alliance describe themselves as

…the top level cross-sectoral committee, bringing together chief executives and policy officers from public and non-government heritage bodies to … strengthen advocacy work and communications.

The future of our past: Rescue's key concernOver Summer 2016 they have issued a set of consultations on heritage reform and resourcing in local authorities, an issue of deep concern to Rescue. We have provided a series of detailed responses, as can be seen below:

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Rescue respond to threat to Kirklees Museums

Tolson Museum under threat

Rescue were concerned to hear news that Kirklees Council is proposing closing Tolson Museum, Dewsbury Museum and Red House Museum (as reported on 4 July)((http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/revealed-museums-kirklees-councils-firing-11559743)).

We have written to Councillor Graham Turner and the Rt Hon John Whitingdale. Rescue have reminded DCMS of the recent emphasis of the Culture White Paper on the wide-ranging benefits of culture in its widest sense.

In the recent Culture White Paper your department was keen to outline the social, cultural and economic benefits of culture in its broadest sense and of museums in particular. We note for […]

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Rescue respond to the Culture White Paper

Rescue have responded to DCMS’ publication of The Culture White paper which “sets out the government’s ambition and strategy for the cultural sectors.”

Read our full response below.

The range of topics covered by the White Paper is impressive and it is clear that the government envisages a significant role for culture in its broadest sense with heritage as a significant part of the mix. RESCUE recognises the importance and potential offered by this vision but as a pragmatic organisation with a focus on practicality and the reality of delivery, we are left with some significant questions and concerns:

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Archaeology and the planning system: Responding to the Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill

The Queen’s Speech (18th May 2016) saw the Government announce their intention to introduce the Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill during the new parliamentary session.  Reports in the press (notably the Daily Telegraph) raised the prospect that amongst the provisions of the Bill would be changes to the system of pre-commencement planning conditions which would severely and significantly reduce the scope for archaeological investigations in advance of new building work.  Coming on the heels of the Housing and Planning Act 2016 which includes provision for permission in principle to be granted for development on brownfield sites (despite the fact that […]

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Rescue receive response from Lancashire CC with regards to cutting their HER

RESCUE wrote to Lancashire County Council in November, expressing concern over their proposals to close their HER and archaeological advisory services, and urging them to reconsider, and to keep the services open as their obligations to national planning policy require. Lancashire have – disgracefully – waited until after the decision has been taken to respond with the wholly inadequate communication, that fails to demonstrate either an understanding of the concerns and questions we have raised, or any engagement with the broader issues.

Rescue will be taking this issue further with central government to ask how Lancashire can be allowed to ignore planning […]

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Rescue respond to proposed changes to the NPPF

Rescue have responded to proposed changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). These changes, proposed in December 2015, include changes to affordable housing and planning permission with regard to Brownfield sites inter alia.

Read more here.

In summary, our concerns throughout the proposals centre on the consideration of the historic environment within the planning process and we are concerned that the need for pre-determination archaeological investigation to establish the archaeological significance of a site before permission is granted has not been adequately addressed. Archaeological investigation at the very beginning of the development planning process both ensures that our heritage assets can be properly taken account […]

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