The proposed DCMS White Paper on ‘Our Culture’: A response by RESCUE – The British Archaeological Trust

Rescue have formulated a response to a recent white paper discussion piece by DCMS, entitled ‘Our Culture’, focused on the funding of archaeology in the UK.

Our response is available at and reproduced below:


Financial resilience and the funding of cultural institutions and organisations

“The second theme will focus on building financial resilience in cultural organisations and institutions through new funding models, to enable them to survive and prosper in a tough economic and financial climate.”

RESCUE -The British Archaeological Trust ( welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the formulation of the forthcoming White Paper on ‘Our Culture’. We offer the […]

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Rescue register our objection to a planning application in London Borough of Hounslow

Rescue have written to register our objection to a planning application for the erection of school buildings at Brent Lea Recreation Ground, Isleworth. It is clear that this application for temporary school buildings also seeks to establish the principle of change of use and development on the site, with a series of school buildings outlined to be constructed adjacent to temporary accommodation the within the two-year timescale of this application.

This application is within a designated Archaeological Priority Area (APA) yet against both paragraph 128 of the NPPF and local policies, fails to provide an adequate assessment of the impact of the […]

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Westminster City Council approve demolition in The Strand

In the latest planning disaster to strike at our heritage, Westminster City Council, or to be more precise, 4 individuals appointed to make decisions on behalf of Westminster City Council, have voted 3:1 to allow Kings College, Westminster London to demolish a historic row of buildings in one of the city’s most famous streets, the Strand.

Image from the Victorian Society

The four buildings approved for demolition have elements dating back to the 17th century and are close to the Grade 1 listed Somerset House. This comes despite the objections of, amongst others, The […]

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Dip in conservation and archaeology advisers – Rescue says….

In the past 12 months the number of archaeological specialists advising English local authorities has fallen by three per cent while the number of conservation specialists has fallen by four per cent. That is the latest assessment according to a report from English Heritage, the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers and the Institute of Historic Building Conservation.

The organisations say these figures represent a continuation of a downward trend which has seen a 28 per cent fall in overall historic environment advice since 2006 

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Rescue responds to NPPF

Today’s publication of the National Planning Policy Framework brings to an end 22 years of separate archaeological guidance within the planning system. First through PPG16, and latterly through PPS5, archaeology has been one of the various material considerations required of a developer when they are submitting an application. Part of the system maybe, but strangely peripheral in many ways.

The NPPF changes this: the Government’s framework brings together what they consider to be the principle keystones of sustainable planning and development into a single integrated format. It should be gratifying for all who work within the […]

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Rescue Publish Fighting Back

Update: We have now revised Fighting Back to refer to the new NPPF.

With an unprecedented level of threat to local authority museum and archaeological services currently being felt up and down the country, there has never been a greater need for clear guidelines, assisting those campaigning to protect and preserve local and regional heritage services.

It is with this in mind that Rescue have published Fighting Back – Some suggestions as to how to campaign to save museums, archaeological services and the historic environment.

Please feel free to download, and distribute to those who […]

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Rescue respond to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

RESCUE believes that the current planning system is confusing, cumbersome and in places, contradictory. In principle, we welcome the Government’s stated intention to simplify the system and to make it more accessible to both developers and the general public alike.

However, RESCUE does not believe that the National Planning Policy Framework (NPFF), as drafted, provides a suitable alternative. In redrafting and slimming down the existing documentation, the Government has created a proposed planning system which offers very little regulation to protect the historic or natural environment from destruction or damage by development. The automatic presumption in favour of sustainable development appears […]

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NPPF – have Scotland got the heritage protection system right?

Two planning documents of significance to archaeologists have recently been published.

In England, the draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was released on the 25th July. This promises “A new, simpler framework for the planning system that safeguards the environment while meeting the need for sustainable growth”, and slims down over 1000 pages of cumbersome planning legislation and guidance brought in by previous Governments, into a single document only 52 pages long. The Historic Environment gets 3 of these pages, tucked away at the back just before the glossary.

In Scotland, Planning Advice Note 2 “Planning and Archaeology” was published two days […]

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