Stonehenge Update

An Inquiry has been announced into proposed Stopping Up Orders for the A344, from its dangerous junction with the A303 at Stonehenge Bottom, and for part of the B3086 so that it might be diverted slightly to the west at Airman’s Corner where it is intended to construct a new roundabout to improve road safety and facilitate access to the new visitor centre in the fields close by.

The Inquiry will begin on 22 June this year and will run alongside an Inquiry into proposed Traffic Regulation Orders for restricting vehicular traffic on byways […]

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Stonehenge Roller Coaster Still on the Tracks

In September 2010 two Road Orders were advertised: for stopping up the A344 from the A303/A344 junction to the Stonehenge visitor centre; and for stopping up the B3086 at Airman’s Corner in order to create a new roundabout on the west side of the WHS. Since the road changes were to be inextricably linked to implementation of planning permission granted for the new visitor centre, the Stonehenge Alliance objected to the Orders on the grounds that they objected to the visitor centre proposals.

The National Transport Casework Team, located with the Government Office for the North East, indicated that it would […]

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Stonehenge Update: October 2010

The new coalition government withdrew its contribution of £10m towards the Stonehenge Project on 18 June. Shortly afterwards, despite legal representations from the Stonehenge Alliance, Wiltshire Council granted planning permission for the Stonehenge visitor centre scheme. Although English Heritage has resolved to try to obtain the lost £10m from alternative sources outside Government, it is understood that the money has not yet been secured.

In any event, it is now accepted that the Olympic deadline for completion of the project will not be met.

Meanwhile, English Heritage is proceeding with its application for a Stopping-up Order for the A303/ A344 junction: advertisement and consultation are expected shortly. It is generally assumed that the application will lead to a […]

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Stonehenge Update: May 2010

Planning permission has still not been given for English Heritage’s new visitor-facilities (May 2010).

A decision awaits resolution of issues arising from the Stonehenge Alliance’s solicitor’s letter to Wiltshire Council on the matter of its Appropriate Assessment of the impact of the proposed development on nearby Special Areas of Conservation (The River Avon and Salisbury Plain) that are protected by European legislation.

The Council’s reply to that letter, dated 21 May 2010, is currently being considered by the Alliance’s solicitor.

Meanwhile Wiltshire Council has advertised its intention to place Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) on the A344 once it is stopped up at its […]

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Stonehenge Visitor Centre, Plans Dropped: RESCUE responds

The Government announced this week that it was withdrawing its financial support for the proposed £25m new visitor centre at the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. This is the first high-profile heritage casualty of the current budgetry pressures and forthcoming programme of spending cuts. It is unlikely to be the last.

Rescue does not welcome the abandonment of such projects, and urges the Government to ensure that the nation’s heritage resources are not put at risk by short-term and short-sighted budget decisions.

It has to be recognised however that the current […]

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Stonehenge Update (January 2010)

The planning application for a new Stonehenge visitor centre and associated works was considered by Wiltshire Council’s Strategic Planning Committee on Wednesday 20 January.

In summary, the scheme proposals are for closure of the A344/A303 junction at Stonehenge Bottom and greening of the A344 up to the Henge; removal of parking and other facilities from the present location to Airman’s Corner, at the junction of the A344 with the A360 on the western edge of the WHS; retention of a small, partly underground facility for security etc. on the present site; and use of the A344 as a visitor-transit route between […]

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Rescue News No 107, for Summer 2009 included:

Stonehenge: Visitor facilities decision announced

In May the Government announced that it is to go ahead with new visitor facilities for Stonehenge. English Heritage welcomed the Government’s decision, which, together with integrated proposals to close the […]

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Rescue News No 106, for Spring 2009 included:

A Barrage too far? Green energy will cost too much by Mark Horton

The Government has shortlisted 5 schemes (from an original list of 10) for a tidal barrage across the river Severn between south Wales and England. The most ambitious is a 10 mile concrete and […]

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