Rescue News No 91, for Autumn 2003

  • Ripping up History: English Heritage campaign to raise awareness of the damage ploughing does to archaeological sites
  • Picking up the Pieces in Iraq Eleanor Robinson
  • Iraq’s heritage: co-ordinating our response: report on a joint meeting of ICOMOS UK, HEF, EH and other bodies
  • Blue Shield: Disaster planning for the Cultural Heritage Sue Cole
  • Stonehenge: Roads Public Enquiry announced Kate Fielden
  • Newport Ship: one year on (and more shipping news)
  • Gravel Extraction Threat to ‘Stonehenge of the north’ Mark Horton and Ian Dormer
  • Big Dig in London Vanessa Bunton
  • I found it while gardening: research the history of your house
  • CIA Congress 2003 report Diana Friendship-Taylor and Mike Rumbold
  • DCMS Consultation papers: (make your views known) Jude Plouviez
  • Protecting our historic environment
  • SMRs
  • Invisible Diggers update
  • Pooter’s Piece: digging up gold

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