Rescue News No 107, for Summer 2009 included:

Stonehenge: Visitor facilities decision announced

In May the Government announced that it is to go ahead with new visitor facilities for Stonehenge. English Heritage welcomed the Government’s decision, which, together with integrated proposals to close the A344, will improve the monument’s setting and presentation to visitors.

Stonehenge before and after the proposed scheme. (Photo © English Heritage)

Rehydroxilation: An exciting new method of dating ceramic materials

Job losses in Archaeology to April 2009

Metal detectorist jailed for selling fake coins

Metal detectorist fined for nighthawking

Extract from Presidential address of Soc of Antiquaries of London

Reviewing how archaeology is coping with the current economic situation

Civic Trust in administration

Terminal decline of Adult education,
Results of a review of provision of adult education in archaeology by Richard Lee, CBA
Threat to Cardiff Lifelong Learning Centre

Durham unveils new conservation course

Invisible Diggers study now published

Is it our heritage – or firewood
Historic ships in danger by Prof Mark Horton

Police disturb Bronze Age tomb

Police solve a sinister skull mystery

EH support for Scientific archaeology ‘Best in world’ say Society of
American Archaeologists, but job losses threaten

Obituary for Andrew D Saunders (1931-2009)
Last Chief Inspector of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings

Scottish marine Bill Reaches Parliament

New Chair or English Heritage announced

Any support for an audio Rescue News?

New 2009-10 RESCUE Council,
with a report on the AGM and open meeting

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