Diggers’ Forum questions Institute for Archaeologists over salaries advertised in JIS

It has come to Rescue’s attention that the Diggers’ Forum (DF) has questioned the Institute for Archaeologists (IfA) over the levels of pay that they have advertised in their own Job Information Service (JIS). This electronic newsletter is a key resource for all those archaeologists looking for job vacancies in the UK.

The DF has grown increasingly concerned over the fact that

archaeological jobs have been advertised on the IfA JIS that do not appear to meet even the IfA minima

This follows concerns raised by the DF over the IfA Statement issued in November 2009 that there should be no increase in salary minima in 2010-2011 in light of the current economic climate.

Please find the DF statement and the IfA response included, in full, below.

Diggers Forum raises issues over IfA JiS
Download .doc

Diggers Forum raises issues over IfA JiS: IfA response


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