Rescue respond to The Penfold Review

The Penfold Review of non-planning consents was published with surprisingly little fanfare in July 2010.

The latest in an ongoing series of planning reviews that have spanned the 2010 change of administration at Westminster, it makes a number of recommendations designed to deregulate the current system and to promote business investment in development.

The Government’s response from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills Implementation of the Penfold Review was published towards the end of November 2011 and sets out the approach the Government intends to pursue in order to adopt the Penfold Review’s recommendations.
RESCUE has a number of concerns about the Penfold Review and the Government’s response to it in terms of its impact on the historic environment.

The document below outlines our concerns.

[ipaper id=75976097]

Implementation of the Penfold Review RESCUE response


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