Rescue writes to English Heritage about Old Oswestry

Update 28/03/2014: Rescue have responded foramlly to Shropshire Council’s SAMdev Plan. View our full consultation response here.

“Rescue believes that the inclusion of OSW004 in the SAMdev makes it unsound because development in this area is neither effective nor consistent with national policy.”

Update 04/02/2014: Rescue have received a reply back from Bill Klemperer, English Heritage. You can read our full letter here.

Rescue says: ‘English Heritage are holding firm on their objections to the current allocations and Rescue supports them in their stance against development around Old Oswestry Hillfort.’

Update 21/01/2014: Rescue have written to English Heritage to seek clarification regarding their position on the housing allocation for the hillfort. You can read our full letter here. We will post a response from English Heritage when available.
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Rescue have added their voice to objections to proposed development alongside one of Britain’s most iconic, and best preserved, hillforts, Old Oswestry, on the Welsh Borders.

Shropshire County Council’s Site Allocations and Management of Development (SAMDev) Plan has recently proposed housing allocations directly adjacent to the hillfort’s ramparts (designated as OSW002, 003 and 004).

Old Oswestry Hillfort: an impressive, but vulnerable, site. Image from
Old Oswestry Hillfort: an impressive, but vulnerable, site. Image from Creative Commons.

In writing to Shropshire County Council, Rescue have outlined the unacceptably negative impact the proposals have on this iconic monument and its setting. We have also expressed concern on the quality of heritage statement which has been submitted along with the proposals.

You can read our full response below.

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  Old Oswestry threat: Rescue respond

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