Rescue Says: A303 Proposals

Rescue is extremely disappointed to note the decision of the Transport Secretary Mark Harper to approve the proposals for the A303 road tunnel within the Stonehenge World Heritage Site. Construction of major new road infrastructure within such a sensitive historic landscape cannot be supported and other, less damaging and more sustainable alternatives were and remain available. Even “less than substantial” harm in this area should not be considered acceptable.

Rescue calls upon the archaeological community to support those fellow professionals working on the project to recover information and material prior to the implementation of the road works. It is entirely possible to oppose a damaging road construction project but support those engaged in the archaeological investigations associated with it. Whilst we look forward to the undoubted discoveries that will be made as part of this work, it is to be regretted that these will be in response to an unnecessary development project rather than directed research.

Image of west tunnel portal and the A303 turned into a byway (Highways England image)

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