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Rescue responds to PPS15

Rescue have responded to the Consultation paper on a new Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 15: Planning for the Historic Environment. The Department for Communities and Local Governement says “PPS15 reflects a more modern, integrated approach which defines the historic environment in terms of heritage assets to be conserved in accordance with a set of principles …

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Heritage Counts 2009

Heritage Counts 2009 has been released by English Heritage. Rescue will be commenting on it as soon as possible.

Rescue responds to the PPS 15 Practice Guide

RESCUE has responded to the PPS 15 Practice Guide, prepared by English Heritage, as a ‘living draft’ giving guidance on the application of the pricniples contained within the new PPS for the Historic Environment. You can find out more about the Practice Guide on the English Heritage website: You can read the RESCUE response …

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Latest Edition of Rescue News out

Rescue News Issue 108 for Autumn 2009 will be distributed by the end of October. Articles include: * PPG 15 comments, True cost of the Anglo-Saxon hoard * Funding crises for heritage attractions * Portable Antiquities Schemes in Europe compared * Purton Hulks: EH responds, Ratiaria, Bulgaria threatened by robbers * Stonehenge again, Lord Kennet …

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UNESCO have called the Committee of Inquiry into Iraq to include problems faced by British forces in safeguarding cultural heritage in Iraq and urge the Commission to investigate the damage and loss inflicted on museums, libraries and archives, looting of archaeological sites, and damage to historic monuments that took place during the war and subsequent …

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HMS Victory

MOD and DCMS will be jointly undertaking a consultation on the approach to be taken towards the 1744 wreck. Following a Royal Navy vessel’s survey of the site in July a detailed analysis of the wreck site will be released. Consultation will start towards the end of the year. The Government’s strategy for the wreck …

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The Staffordshire Hoard

The news of a haul of Anglo-Saxon treasure found by a metal detectorist in a field in Staffordshire, of objects unparalleled in the UK, has been widely acclaimed. However will the money needed to pay a reward to the finder and landowner have to be found at the expense of archaeological or museum projects also …

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