Month: October 2009

Rescue Responds to the Permitted Development Consultation

The Department for Local Government and Communities is current consulting on proposals to improve permitted development. You can find out more, and download the original consultation here: You can read Rescue’s response below. Communities & Local Government Improving Permitted Development Consultation Comments by RESCUE: the Briti…

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Heritage Counts 2009

Heritage Counts 2009 has been released by English Heritage. Rescue will be commenting on it as soon as possible.

First Aid for Finds

FIRST AID FOR FINDS by David Watkinson and Virginia Neal ISBN 1-871656-28-1 An essential handbook for the recording and care of finds on site. A must for every unit, beginner and professional, fully revised 1998, now supplied in a durable pvc ring-bound cover suitable for on-site use. Published jointly with UKIC Archaeology Section (text revised …

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A Manual of Archaeological Field Drawing

A MANUAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL FIELD DRAWING By J M Hawker ISBN 0-903789-18-3 A practical guide to field drawing for students and experienced archaeologists covers basic techniques for site and grid location; drawing plans, sections, elevations and profiles; and gives the conventions generally used as well as details of the more advanced techniques needed for survey, …

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Rescue responds to the PPS 15 Practice Guide

RESCUE has responded to the PPS 15 Practice Guide, prepared by English Heritage, as a ‘living draft’ giving guidance on the application of the pricniples contained within the new PPS for the Historic Environment. You can find out more about the Practice Guide on the English Heritage website: You can read the RESCUE response …

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Recording Standing Buildings

New Edition by Barbara Hutton ISBN 978-0-903789-19-6 A brief guide to the technique used by the author to record vernacular buildings published jointly with Dept of Prehistory and Archaeology University of Sheffield (pub 1986, new edition 2013). Price: Members £5.00, non Members £6.00 plus £1.50 P&P

The Structure and Funding of British Archaeology: The Rescue questionnaire 1990-91

THE STRUCTURE AND FUNDING OF BRITISH ARCHAEOLOGY: the Rescue questionnaire 1990-91 By Paul Spoerry ISBN 0-903789-15-9 The first accurate figures for the structure, funding and staffing of British archaeology, presented in a concise and readable form, fully illustrated with maps, figures and tables (pub 1992). Price: Members £3.00, non Members £3.50

Rescuing the Historic Environment

Rescuing the Historic Environment Archaeology, the green movement and conservation strategy for the British landscape. Proceedings of a conference held at Leicester University January 1993 Edited by Hedley Swain – ISBN 0-903789-17-5 Twenty illustrated papers that examine how the historic environment is defined, what threatens it, and how we as archaeologists should respond. National bodies …

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Stop Ploughing at Verulamium

Tony Robinson joins Rescue in the campaign to stop ploughing at Verulamium On Tuesday 16th July Tony Robinson of Channel 4’s Time Team visited Verulamium at the invitation of Harvey Sheldon, chair of Rescue. An article appeared in the Times that morning about the history of the Roman town, the destruction effects of the ploughing …

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