First Aid for Finds

FIRST AID FOR FINDS by David Watkinson and Virginia Neal ISBN 1-871656-28-1 An essential handbook for the recording and care of finds on site. A must for every unit, beginner and professional, fully revised 1998, now supplied in a durable pvc ring-bound cover suitable for on-site use. Published jointly with UKIC Archaeology Section (text revised …

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A Manual of Archaeological Field Drawing

A MANUAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL FIELD DRAWING By J M Hawker ISBN 0-903789-18-3 A practical guide to field drawing for students and experienced archaeologists covers basic techniques for site and grid location; drawing plans, sections, elevations and profiles; and gives the conventions generally used as well as details of the more advanced techniques needed for survey, …

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Recording Standing Buildings

New Edition by Barbara Hutton ISBN 978-0-903789-19-6 A brief guide to the technique used by the author to record vernacular buildings published jointly with Dept of Prehistory and Archaeology University of Sheffield (pub 1986, new edition 2013). Price: Members £5.00, non Members £6.00 plus £1.50 P&P

The Structure and Funding of British Archaeology: The Rescue questionnaire 1990-91

THE STRUCTURE AND FUNDING OF BRITISH ARCHAEOLOGY: the Rescue questionnaire 1990-91 By Paul Spoerry ISBN 0-903789-15-9 The first accurate figures for the structure, funding and staffing of British archaeology, presented in a concise and readable form, fully illustrated with maps, figures and tables (pub 1992). Price: Members £3.00, non Members £3.50

Rescuing the Historic Environment

Rescuing the Historic Environment Archaeology, the green movement and conservation strategy for the British landscape. Proceedings of a conference held at Leicester University January 1993 Edited by Hedley Swain – ISBN 0-903789-17-5 Twenty illustrated papers that examine how the historic environment is defined, what threatens it, and how we as archaeologists should respond. National bodies …

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